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WiserlyPlanner helps businesses ideate and plan for success. This platform provides product planning, tasks, business model, swot analysis, notes, calendars, and many more. You can use these features to create your systems for business planning and ideation.


The strategic relationships your business creates with other companies or people.

Activities or tasks that are integral to operating your company.

Assets that are required to operate and deliver your company’s value proposition.

The fundamental need that your company is trying to fulfill for its customers. Why your company exists.

The type of interactions your company has with its customers and the level of support it gives.

Different methods that your company uses to deliver its products and value proposition to customers.

The different groups of customers that your company interacts with.

How a company spends money on operations. The key costs and level of cost focus for your company.

Your company’s sources of cash flows.

SWOT analysis also called the SWOT matrix, is a strategic planning technique used to help businesses identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to business competition or project planning. It is sometimes called situational assessment or situational analysis.

When you start setting up a business, the first thing you should consider is a business plan. You must need a proper business plan to have a business bank account. Even venture capitalists, angel investors, and bankers will ask for a Business Plan if you are looking for investment.

WiserlyPlan gives you a central hub to organize all your business planning work. When all information is in one place, executing ideas becomes far easier.

Founders/teams can discuss the product/project. It’s very helpful to know who thinks what so that everyone in the team stays on the same page and it saves huge time and energy

You can add tasks and assign tasks to other users across the same workspace.

Startups need to study a lot regarding the current economics and market. Thus it’s great for them to take notes when they learn something. This notes system will help your team learn together. If one team member creates a note the other team member can learn from it.

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